Flying Vincents took shape rather slowly. 


The band started evolving from an email sent around the office by GC, asking if anyone wanted to jam and get loud.

As answers started coming in, a more or less regular group of people began attending the weekly sessions at Rock Supplies, in Amsterdam, trying to figure out each other's musical preferences and style, while focusing mostly on having a good time.


As people came and went, the group began to develop a more specific sound, generally fast and distorted, always raw, and as the sound developed, the idea of working on a band slowly started gaining momentum, and became a concrete idea with Tooth joining the sessions.


The switch from a group of friends jamming to a band with fixed members big plans came in the winter months of 2015/16, when GC, King D, Joseph and Tooth, moved to a new rehearsal space in Amsterdam's Wibautstraat, in the basement of the VolksHotel. 

With rent not being "by the hour", the band found more time to focus on their sound and work on some original songs.


Wibautstraat is where their first performance as Flying Vincents took place (which, in a way, marks the true birth of the band), and a place to call home until, in late 2016, the band started renting a container in the awesome NDSM area, where they were finally able to bring all their gear and be loud without time constraints.

If you are in the area, you just might find them there, possibly playing football outside.


As for the band name, it came up mostly by chance, when it was decided it would have to contain the name the band used to book the first few months at Rock Supplies (Vincent), as that would guarantee at least the staff at rehearsal space would recognize them. "Flying" was added pretty randomly, and nobody remembers exactly why. It sounded good, though, so the name stuck.






Flying Vincents Family


Rythm Guitar and Vocals


I sent the email that eventually led to the Flying Vincents falling into place, and I could not be happier to have pressed "send" on that shitty day at work.


Mostly self-taught, I like all guitars, which might be the reason I am often browsing the second-hand marketplace. 

At the moment I'm loving my two LTD's and a beat up, unbranded Les Paul style guitar with the smoothest neck ever, and a badly fitting p-90 that tends to fall out of the body.


I like most genres of music, but I grew up with the old family records from the 60' (mostly Cat Stevens, the Doors and the Stooges).

I have a soft spot for classic rock 'n roll, from Buddy Holly and Bobby Darin to The Crystals and many more...


My playlist would never be complete without Dead Kennedys, Misfits and GG Allin, among others.

Oh, and Warren Zevon, did I mention Zevon?





A man of few words, Joseph never missed a jam session or rehearsal, and is the true historical memory of the band.

King D:



Loves to bash it hard and fast. An explorer of this world, rooted in Europe which he leaves on occasion, usually for party. Focuses primarily on music and living the good life.


Lead guitar, Vocals


My relationship with music started very early, having grown surrounded by it. The first instrument I approached was the piano, due to my passion for classical music.

The hard rock vinyl records that were lying at home dug the path for what would be my musical influences.

Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep together with progressive Italian rock bands from '70s such as Rovescio della Medaglia were some of the earliest ones.  Angel Witch and NWOBHM, Metallica and the first thrash metal, Magnum, Y&T are some of my favourite and most influential bands. 

As a result I started playing keybords, bass guitar and then electric guitar. 

                                                                                                                                      Today I am  proud to be a member of the Flying Vincents.